Divorce Questionaire

Mr. Cann handles divorce lawsuits:

-    without children FROM THIS MARRIAGE
-    that can be filed in Hillsboro, Oregon City and Portland, Oregon, or in Vancouver, Washington
-    we only represent husband, or wife, not both.

How long the case will take (time estimates are approximate) and how much it will cost depend on many things, but mainly what county and state the case will be filed in, and how easy or hard the legal work will be.  All payment is in advance, except, if the case is more difficult because of information that you did not give us at the first interview, or if we have to do things that were excluded from the price, then the price may increase.  The fee is earned when we file the lawsuit.  Things that typically cost more and take longer include:

    - when you don't know where your spouse is and have to search or to 'publish' the divorce papers in a newspaper
    - when we have to hire some one to serve the papers on your spouse, especially outside the United States - WE CAN SERVE PAPERS IN VIETNAM BUT THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL COST
    - when we have to make extra court appearances especially outside downtown Portland
    - translations

Some things that are excluded from the price:

    - anything about children
    - anything about spousal support
    - anything about property division
    - anything that is not in a divorce

We can handle your divorce even if your spouse is outside of Oregon or Washington, even in Viet Nam or in some other country.

We can do other kinds of cases but you and we must have a separate agreement.


Print out this page, answer the questions - legibly, make an appointment and bring the answers in to the office.  

Different information is required by the courts and Vital Statistics Departments in Oregon and Washington - we ask all for the information for both states.

We can usually handle the case if you don't have all the information - it depends what is missing.