Will Questionaire

No one wants to think about death.

A WILL is a document, signed in a formal way, which directs the transfer of your property after your death.  Without a will or other direction, the state decides how your property will be distributed.  With a will or other direction, you exercise control.

There are other ways of transferring certain kinds of property on death, besides a will.  Some are better for some things, some are worse, and there are 'trade offs' such as loss of control (as with life estates), or extra expense (as with trusts).  Trusts can sometimes bring additional privacy, but usually at a greater cost and complexity.

BASIC QUESTIONAIRE - fill this out and bring it to our office at your appointment - with this information we will begin to prepare the papers for you.  We will ask you about your property and other things at the interview.  Your information is private, confidential and secret.