What is, and are the advantages of, an independant arbitrator?
An independent arbitrator is just that, an arbitrator not affiliated with any arbitration service provider, nor affiliated with any particular side of disputes. Furthermore, neutrality is a given for arbitrators, even in the rare case of party appointed arbitrators on panels of three arbitrators. Disclosure of relationships with the parties, lawyers, and witnesses, always occurs.

I have decades of experience in the construction industry, but am not overly affiliated with any industry segment. I still work full time as an independent lawyer (except for the time I spend as an arbitrator) and I do not receive cases primarily from the banking bar, the plaintiff's bar, the defense bar, or any other special interest bars, so I am not beholden to any of them for continued economic well being.

  • Avoid third party arbitration service delays and fees in ad hoc arbitrations
  • Firm and direct case management
  • Full disclosure, neutral, expeditious